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If you think she's pregnant, here's a bit of advice that may be helpful to you right now

What you can Do: 

What You Don't want to do: 

  • Listen and Keep Calm. This is the time she will need you most and you can give her the emotional and physical support she needs.  There are three people to consider now and she needs your support more than ever. If she is pregnant, your baby will need you, too.

  • Talk about it and Get the facts. Talk with each other as well as parents and others this situation will impact. People closest to you will genuinely want to help you and this can dramatically reduce your stress levels. Hear her out and get all the information.  Help her call and schedule an appointment for a pregnancy test.  If she is pregnant, you will want to seek wise counsel so, together, you can make the best decision.

  • Be open and honest. It's normal to feel angry, scared and unprepared.  Sharing your feelings openly with her will show her that she is not alone.

  • Don't run. Your first thought might be to run.  Don't!  Trying to avoid your responsibility only makes it harder to think and act clearly.

  • Don't pressure her. Pressuring her will only push her away, and potentially result in a decision you may both regret. Working together is the best approach.

  • Don't forget. You have a very active role in this situation. Listen to input as well as share your thoughts. Your thoughts are valuable and important in making a good decision for you and her.

Work Together

The Client Advocates at Heritage Health Fro Women  are here to help you work together.  Many times we need a mediator to help facilitate effective communication.  We are here to encourage and help you navigate through your emotions while exploring all of your options.  

Available Classes

                                                                                                                                                        Practical Fatherhood and Authentic Manhood are classes just for men which address the real and pressing needs that a father experiences while covering a wide array of topics

which are also relative to dads who are not necessarily married to the mother.

Practical Fatherhood​

  • Manhood Realities, Manhood Definition, Create & Cultivate, King/Warrior, ​Lover, Friend, Fatherhood Foundation, Grace-based Parenting, True Greatness, Sons, Daughters

Authentic Manhood

  • Real Time, Role Models, Respect for Mothers, The Dad Difference, Being a Leader, A Discipline Foundation, Discipline Guidelines, Situational Discipline, Being Consistent

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