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Pregnant ?

 Not Sure?

     A missed period could mean you are pregnant, but not necessarily ... not

You can take a free, confidential self-administered pregnancy test at Heritage HFW.  Call to schedule an appointment or simply walk in at your convenience.

        If you determine your pregnancy test is negative?

You may have other questions on pregnancy prevention or planning. 

If you determine your pregnancy test is positive?

Did you know that HCG hormone elevation can occur for reasons other than pregnancy?  Or that pregnancy tests can result in 'false positives'?  For confirmation of pregnancy, we can provide a resource list for limited obstetric ultrasound services by which a physician can confirm your pregnancy before you make any decisions.  

 knowing can be disquieting and stressful.

You will have other questions:​

  • Which option will be best for me: Parenting, Adoption, or Abortion?

  • Where can I go for reliable information? 

  • What resources are available after I make my choice?

We will provide accurate, reliable education on all your options.

Make a Plan

We are here to support you whatever you decide; to listen, suggest referrals and resources, to offer our assistance in any way that we can.

Know Your Rights

If/After your pregnancy has been confirmed by a physician, we can discuss all your options in great detail and provide a list of resources so you can make an informed decision; learn and understand legal guidelines and medical procedures, your rights to know, and risks involved.

Sure! Have a Plan But Need Assistance ?

Being pregnant has challenges of its own.  Your body is changing, baby is growing and developing, planning ahead can be stressful and exhausting.  Our classes can help you learn and understand your physical changes as well as guide and assist you as you prepare for your new little one. 

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