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Education & Support

Parenting and Relationship Education

If you choose to parent your child, it is important you have a good support system. Heritage Health For Women offers educational opportunities that address pregnancy information, parenting, relationships, marriage, and life skills as you prepare for parenthood; infancy though the teen years, teen 5 by 5 program, discipline, fetal and child growth and development, Heritage Kids for for ages 1-4, and more.  Through one-on-one mentoring with a trained client lay advocate you will learn skills and practical applications to equip you with the tools necessary for successful parenting. It is our hope the baby's father will be involved, and he is welcome to attend classes as well.  We also offer specific classes in Practical Fatherhood and Authentic Manhood just for him (see below). 

Relationship education and lay mentoring is also available for those seeking to strengthen their relationships, recognize positive or negative behaviors, emotional or physical abuse, setting boundaries, and marriage classes to build strong relationships while learning communication skills, conflict resolution, and more.

JUST FOR MEN - Parenting Education Specifically for Dad

Our Practical Fatherhood topics range from discipline to role-modeling to spending time with the family. The content includes the reasons why it is important to do what is right along with inspiration for moving beyond those difficult moments.  Examples of how to apply these principles in your life can be found throughout the lessons.  Each lesson starts with an illustrative true story, is uncomplicated and full of encouragement.  

There are so many voices out there that are telling you what it means to be a man.  Our Authentic Manhood module will help you find God’s truth for both who you are and how you can be intentional about parenting.  Discover God’s design for you with a clear definition and inspiring vision of Authentic Manhood.

Special Circumstances

This education program covers five difficult situations; abortion, relationship loss, domestic violence, pregnancy loss, and healing from abuse.  Each is carefully tailored to reach the hurting soul of each woman and offer hope and truth through God’s love and forgiveness.

Explore adoption. Topics including getting started, learning the process, parenting versus adoption, planning for birth, and understanding your emotions and more.

Abortion Education

Abortion is a medical procedure. You have the right to know the facts about abortion and the documented abortion risk factors. Heritage Health For Women will help you understand all your options, discuss abortion methods, the risks, and answer any medical questions you may have.

Pregnancy Loss Support

Heritage Health For Women offers support and additional referrals to women (and men) who have experienced a pregnancy loss. This provides an opportunity to receive support in a confidential, group or individual setting.

Postpartum and Breastfeeding Support

Many women experience postpartum blues and many experience a more severe condition of postpartum depression. Heritage Health For Women can help you learn and understand these and can provide referrals for additional support.

Breastfeeding can be a challenge for some women and can take extra effort.  Heritage Health For Women can provide support and education for breastfeeding as well as referrals for additional support groups.

Workshops on various topics related to breastfeeding will also be scheduled periodically. 

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