We warmly welcome you to Heritage Pregnancy and Family Health Center, Inc.!!

Heritage Pregnancy and Family Health Center, Inc. (Heritage PFHC) is a nonprofit, faith-based, Christian public benefit 501(c)(3) corporation and is operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.  Heritage PFHC is founded in integrity, trust, confidence, and quality of care provided with a non judgemental attitude of love by our caring volunteer staff.  Our holistic approach will encompass more than just physical needs ... it aims to include educational, spiritual, and emotional support as well.

Our mission is to revitalize and reinvigorate our community which has long been plagued by generational poverty, severe deficits in education, and drug addiction by providing a comprehensive, evidence and incentive-based educational program, free pregnancy tests,, and practical assistance.  As we reveal God’s unconditional love and grace through our programs, we believe we will witness a visible difference and that the community will regain a vision of hope.

0ur goal is to offer HOPE, EDUCATION, and REAL OPTIONS .... to encourage woman, men, and families in the direction of understanding that they are valuable and they are loved! We want to motivate them to desire growth … individually, as parents, and in their relationships. We want to provide the tools and resources they need in order to achieve that understanding and growth.

Our desire is to encourage and uplift our clients no matter what their circumstances. With utmost respect and privacy, we offer numerous services directed toward issues that accompany pregnancy, parenting, marriage, and relationships.

The outcomes we hope for are deeper relationships with God, strengthened families, strengthened communities, a decreased dependency on state and federal aid, and individuals who have grown to further contribute their own gifts to our community.


We currently accept financial and material donations (all things baby and kids up to 5T!! except used car seats).  All donations are

TAX EXEMPT !!  A Charitable Donation Receipt is available at the time of your donation and/or online donation receipts will be promptly mailed to you.

Won't you join our cause to revitalize and reinvigorate a community plagued by generational poverty, addiction, lack of education, and lack of self-worth; our cause to inspire hope, empower women, embolden men, and strengthen families; our cause to provide comprehensive education, practical resources, and other services using a holistic approach to families who may not otherwise have access to help?

We, and our Heritage Families, thank you in advance for your compassionate consideration in partnering with us to serve the community.

Our Mission

It is the mission, duty, and purpose of Heritage Pregnancy and Family Health Center, Inc. (Heritage PFHC) to provide comprehensive pregnancy, sex, parenting, relationships, and marriage education, emotional support, and practical assistance through a variety of programs aimed at targeting the issues of education, pregnancy, parenting, poverty, and drug abuse.  

Our Team

Lisa Tallman, RN

Founder, Executive Director

Lisa Tallman is a registered nurse trained in  limited obstetric ultrasound with clinical experience in various departments including postpartum, maternal and childcare, as well as having extensive background as an Administrative Supervisor, PMC Client Services Director, and business owner.  She also has experience in child, parent, and marriage education.

Lauren Perry, RN

BOD Member, NFP Specialist, Client Advocate

Lauren Perry is a registered nurse with five years of experience in various departments including clinical practice in  maternity.  She is passionate about the holistic education of women, children, and families and will pursue continued education in midwifery.

Linda Arches

Vice-President, Program Planner, Community Outreach

Linda Arches has been manager and co-business owner for 32 years. She also has previous PMC volunteer experience as a client advocate and front desk coordinator offering encouragement and support.  She has also been a foster parent for more than 10 years.

Nadine Whelan

Secretary, Program Planner, Community Outreach

Nadine Whelan is a lifetime resident of Cecil County, MD.  She received her Purchasing Management Certification from the University of Delaware and her Real Estate Certification from Prince George’s Community College. While employed for 30 years with W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc., she held positions as a Technical Sales Associate and an Inside Sales Associate where her many accomplishments included leading efforts to “Rejuvenate the Culture” and provide positive mentorship to fellow associates, as well as receiving the “Water Carrier Award” as a symbol of being a Culture Champion.