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Heritage Pregnancy and Family Health Center, Inc.


At this time, our center is making efforts to minimize exposure and reduce transmission of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to our patients, clients and staff. We are asking screening questions, prior to entering our facility to identify those who are at risk of COVID-19. We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this process.

If you would like in-person classes in Elkton, please call us at (667) 215-0143.

If you would like in-person classes in Rising Sun, MD, Please call us at (410) 214-2073.

Zoom Classes are available. Please call for consult and scheduling.

If you do not have an appointment, please call the above number to speak to someone for further guidance.

It is important to stay home if you are sick to prevent the spread of viruses.
Please help us protect our vulnerable population by answering these questions

Do you have any symptoms?

  • Cough

  • Fever (temperature above 99.5 degrees)

  • Shortness of breath, or lower respiratory infection symptoms

Have you had potential exposure?

  •  In the past month, have you been in contact with someone who was confirmed or suspected to have Coronavirus/COVID-19?

  • Have you traveled internationally in the past month

If you answer YES to any of the above questions, please call the Heritage PFHC Elkton Office at (667)  215-0143
Rising Sun Office at (410) 214-2073 so we can assess risk and make appropriate referrals. If our staff assesses you to be at risk, you will be asked to schedule your appointment to a future date for the safety of our staff and patients.

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